MB PRO 150

MB PRO 150

  • MP PRO 150
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  • Belt Alignment System, Protection IP65

  • Direct drive system

  • Energy saving

  • Modern design

  • The machine works automatically, less labor is required

  • Simple and safe operation

  • Durable operation, high water separation efficiency

  • Low cost for maintenance 

  • In addition, there is a pneumatic cylinder system that automatically drives the belt, a rotating drum for preliminary water separation, and a fault warning light system.

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  • The machine frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel material, covered with 2 layers of anti-corrosion paint
  • Agitator:  with the agitator connected to the reducer motor, agitate the mixture of input sludge and polymer
  • Centrifugal system for separating water and sludge: optimized design through the gap of the mesh, the rotation speed of the rotating drum
  • The shaft system is designed to maximize the efficiency of water separation through each area
  • Belts are made of PES fiber suitable for a variety of sludge. Width of belt from 500mm- 2000mm
  • Cleaning system: clean the rotary drum filter, upper belt, and lower belt to make the sludge pressing process achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Imported motor with 100% copper core for durable operation
  • Electric control system Schneider (France) intelligent for easy and safe operation


Standard ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Upper belt size (L x W) 6030 x 1250 mm
Lower belt size (L x W) 6404 x 1250 mm
Cover size (Lx W x H) 3247 x 2057 x 2084 mm
Sludge inflow   8 - 14 m³/h
S.S content   1 - 2 %
Dry sludge mass   80 - 280 kgDS/h
Compressed air pressure   4-6 Bar
Washing pump pressure   4-6 Bar
Type   Băng tải đôi
Power capacity   1.5 Kw
Machine weight   ≈ 1500 Kg

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