Benefits Of Filter Press In Industrial Production

Benefits Of Filter Press In Industrial Production
Date Submitted: 19/04/2022 01:54 PM

The huge amount of wastewater discharged into the environment from industries, in general, will lead to serious consequences in terms of environmental pollution if not properly treated with the right equipment.

MITSU is suitable for dewatering various types of sludge in municipal and industrial wastewater and also has the widest range of applications compared to other dewatering equipment, saving time and costs for treatment.

Depending on the application, we currently offer two types of filter presses:

Filter press: this is an economical solution compared to all the options available today for this purpose, most chosen by many investors today. The quality of dry sludge generated from the equipment not only meets good dry standards, but the investment and operating costs are also cheaper than other models.

Belt press: For continuous sludge pressing, a belt press is a worthy choice. Although the dryness of the sludge is not as high as that of a filter press, it is more efficient thanks to its outstanding workability and sludge pressure.

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